San Gimignano and Vernaccia wine tasting

San Gimignano is a small preserved medieval romantic town with fine towers and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of quaint shops. The town is situated on the top of a hill on the slopes of which the most famous of Tuscany’s white wine is produced: the Vernaccia. We’ll travel through the beautiful San Gimignano countryside and you can discover the rich taste and smell of this famous wine with the welcoming atmosphere of its owners where you can also taste extra virgin olive oil and saffron.

On this tour we can include a visit to Volterra, one of the most artistic and mysterious cities of Tuscany (Volterra is an important location in Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling Twilight series where it’s home to the Volturi a powerful coven of vampires). This Etruscan city, whose roots lie in about 3000 years of history, is built of stone: the streets, the towers, the palaces and the austere city-wall. You will also have the opportunity to visit an alabaster work shop to watch the artisans as they create one of kind works of art of this spectacular stone.

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