Pitigliano: the Jerusalem of Tuscany

This day excursion is designed for those who wish to enjoy a different side of TUSCANY and a relaxing day in the countryside.

Pitigliano is a local treasure located in Tuscany between Florence and Rome, perched atop a volcanic tufa ridge. Its unmistakable skyline makes it stand out from miles away and gives Pitigliano a surreal charm. It is also known as Little Jerusalem (Piccola Gerusalemme) due to the long-standing presence of a Jewish community. Prior to this particular part of history, Pitigliano has an ancient past, with centuries of changes in civilizations and cultures in Tuscany.

We can visit:

The Jewish Quarter of Pitigliano: The synagogue, the Hebrew cemetery, the kosher oven where unleavened bread was baked, the cellar carved in the rock where kosher wine was produced, the kosher butcher shop, the baths for the purification of women and the cleaners are all proof of its history and are now open to the public. The Jewish quarter became settled in the 16th century, known as the liveliest Jewish ghetto in Italy.

Piazza Becherini: The perfect place to take a photo of the surrounding valleys.

Underground Tunnels and Caves: A unique characteristic of Pitigliano is that each house has a cellar dug into the tufa. These caves have been in use since Etruscan times, first as tombs, then as cellars where wine can be kept at a constant temperature. This underground area with tunnels and caves is open to the public on walking tours.

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