Cinque Terre – Portovenere

The five hamlets of the Cinque Terre are located on the west coast of the Riviera. They represent a universe apart on the Italian coastal panorama. The villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore were built by peasant farmers who transformed the steep cliffs into fertile terraces to grow excellent agricultural produces (oil, wine, lemons).
The terraces are based on dry stone walls that, if aligned, would exceed the length of the Great Wall of China.
The delicate balance between natural elements and human toil generated a unique landscape, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tour starts from Portovenere, a striking sea-faring village unique for its number of colorful tower-like houses that turn the harbor into a fortified citadel. From here you can take the boat and reach Riomaggiore that stretches along a natural fiord. Riomaggiore is linked to the medieval hamlet of Manarola by a footpath cut out of the sheer rock just a stone’s throw away from the sea.
This romantic pathway called Via dell’Amore is dedicated to lovers. The one-mile walk is accessible to everyone and takes about 20 minutes. Once in Manarola you can take the boat again and pass in front of Corniglia, a farming village sits higher than the others (the ferry boat can’t stop here), to reach Vernazza with its old center snaking along the cliff top. Lastly Monterosso, the best equipped village for tourists in the whole “Cinque Terre” with its typical little port where your driver will await you! All the restaurants provide delectable typical dishes of the Ligurian coast like pesto, focaccia bread and salted anchovies. You can also taste the product par excellence of Cinque Terre: the famous “Sciacchetrà” a sweet raisin wine……Please enjoy!

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