Bolgheri and Super Tuscans wine tasting

A journey through poetry, countryside and good wine starts from Bolgheri and ends at the Populonia's Castle. The world-known Avenue of Bolgheri, made famous by Giosuè Carducci's verses, leads to the village the poet loved so much. Bolgheri has a fascination all of its own; it’s a mere stone's throw from the sea and surrounded by countryside were vines and olive trees thrive. This little town, with its unspoiled architectural harmony, is dominated by the red brick castle which guards the entrance to the village of narrow paved streets and old stone houses.

Bolgheri is the perfect place for wine lovers. Here you can visit a winery and taste Super Tuscans wines. Then we will reach Suvereto, a splendid medieval village whose origins date back to before the year 1000. Situated on the slopes of the hills overlooking the Costa degli Etruschi. It is a true jewel that is rich in history and art, set in the green valley of the River Cornia, perfect for enjoying a delicious lunch in a typical Trattoria or Enoteca. After lunch next stop will be Populonia and Golfo di Baratti.

Populonia was an Etruscan city, famous in the ancient world for working and trading in iron. The village, is situated on top of a hill and it is surrounded by the sea. Inside its medieval walls, built to defend against pirate attacks from the beginning of the XV century, are paved streets and museums of Etruscan and Roman artifacts found in the surrounding area. You will have a chance to stroll the streets, browse shops or climb the castle tower for a dramatic overlook of the Elba Island. A panoramic road offering wonderful views connects Populonia with the Gulf of Baratti where there are numerous reminders of Etruscan times. The 80 hectares’ archaeological park, which can be visited along organized routes, combines history and archaeology in a beautiful and unspoiled natural setting.

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